Dancing on the Edge
Native American/Maya
Red Lodge Shamanic Training
In pursuit of Ancient Mysticism
for Today's World

Classes in Topeka, KS
Beginning November 14, 2009 and continuing
on the 2nd Saturday of each month (10:00 am - 5:00 pm).
Classes in Kansas City, MO
Beginning January 6, 2010 and continuing
on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings (6:30-9:30).

Give us a call at 816-353-2691 or email to pcronbaugh@sbcglobal.net

How will you benefit from attending?

¨ Learn the alchemy of the magickal, which was taught in the ancient mystery school of the Mayoameca (Maya 20 Count of the Universe & Mayan Calendar). Discover how ancient teachings of Indigenous Peoples are just as relevant today as they have been for millennia in helping you to live a life of health, hope, happiness, harmony and humor.

¨ Discover numerous Medicine Wheel teachings (Star Maiden’s Circle+++) that show you where your energy is blocked, keeping you at the effect of others and not allowing you to take your own power.

¨ Uncover your destructive karmic patterns with the Four Moon Cycles and learn how to move into dharmic empowerment in all aspects of your life.

¨ Take Earth Astrology to the next stage with all eight animal totems you were given at birth. Understand the messages they have for you and then spin that energy on the wheel to take full advantage (Walk of the Wolf).

¨ Discover why many times your strengths are really weaknesses and your weaknesses are really strengths, and then step into your own essence. Find the magickal mysterious character inside you.

¨ Master techniques of manifesting what you need and desire... when you need and desire it; emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and sexually.

¨ Learn traditions that will help you honor the cycles of your life and nature and keep you in balance. Native Americans have always known that life is not meant to be hard; it is meant to be EASY within elemental balance. (Universal Law of Minimum Effort Creating Maximum Effect).

¨ Join a team of dedicated individuals whose goal is to take responsibility for their own lives, assume authority when appropriate, and stand accountable for all their thoughts, words, and actions… And in the process heal themselves, and work toward healing Grandmother Earth.

¨ Do Personal and Collective Ceremony for evolutionary growth.

¨ You will be drumming, singing, making shields, talking trees ruins, and lots more! 

¨ Have a lot of fun with like-minded people. The class will bring you teachings from a combination of Cherokee, Navajo and Maya (Twisted Hairs), with songs from many more traditions.  

Sample Curriculum (May not be taught in this order)

Session 1: History and 4 Winds Medicine Wheel
Session 2: 4 Worlds of Grandmother Earth Wheels
Session 3: Quantum Physics 101
Session 4: 20 Count
Session 5: Sun Bear's Earth Astrology
Session 6: Star Maiden's Circle and 7 Arrows Teaching
Session 7: Zero to Nine Law and Circle of Foxes
Session 8: Dance of the Coyote and Walk of the Wolf
Session 9: Dancing the 20 Count
Session 10: Four Moon Cycles
Session 11: Master of Your Reality
Session 12: Dancing Your Animal Allies
Session 13: Building Medicine Wheels and Mesas
Session 14: No Pity Wheel
Session 15: Soul's Hunger
Session 16: Tyrant's Teachings
Session 17: Talking Stick Teachings
Session 18: Erasing Personal History
Session 19: Elemental Balance
Session 20: Ancient Symbols

Lodge Leader/Facilitator Information

Phyllis Playful Autumn Wind Cronbaugh brings an intuitive understanding as well as fifteen years of training in the spiritual essence of indigenous peoples (eight years as a shamanic apprentice) to her books, workshops and ceremonies. She believes this knowledge is as valuable today as it has been for thousands of years in helping us live balanced lives filled with health, hope, happiness, harmony, and humor. With Cherokee lineage and as a Twisted Hair, she combines Cherokee, Navaho, and Maya spirituality and traditions in her teachings, along with the modern science of quantum physics, braiding this knowledge into a truth that has changed lives and helped many people begin living life to the fullest.  

Playful Autumn Wind is a four-year Sun Dancer and Sacred Pipe Carrier. She has been a member and led native Drum Teams for nearly ten years. While in California and Arizona, she sat on a Navajo Healing Circle for five years and has been asked to participate in Lakota and Mescalaro Apache Healing Ceremonies.  

Playful Autumn Wind currently teaches classes on native spirituality and facilitates monthly sweat lodge ceremonies for her Dancing on the Edge Lodge. Her Conscious Creation seminar series, combining native spirituality with simple quantum physics principles, is taught at several community colleges in the Kansas City, MO area. She participates in a number of women’s organizations and is the founder of the Wild Woman Rites of Empowerment Sisterhood. Nothing gives her more pleasure than facilitating rites of empowerment or rites of passage ceremonies for women and men. As an ordained minister, she can also help couples create beautiful native bonding or wedding ceremonies.  

She is the author of three books on native traditions and hopes to have her first novel, Saving the Crystal Skull, out by the end of 2007. For more information you can go to her website www.mokancalendar.com.

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